RIB SOLUTION is a company that repair, refit, rent and sell rigid inflatable boats (RIB). We were  born from an idea to make more practical and efficient the nautical experience, developing a concept that is surrounded all over the RIB.

The main focus of this business is the refit of this  type of boats using the best materials and workforce experience. Our professional 360 degree experience allow us to edit and repair boats settings in any possible field: mechanical, carpentry, on-board electronic and much more. We love the “wow” factor and we strive to provide to our clients the best service in the market. We manage a rib charter fleet that is located in Ibiza-Spain, where we will let you experience the best sea journey that you ever had. Ultimately we are sea-friendly and this characteristic emphasize a lot our work ethic and our respect that we have towards any business relationship that is produced along our way.

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Retubing and Reparations
We are the most competitive in the market when we talk about RIBs retubing and reparations. We can match price and beat any quote that you got !Read More »
We guarantee that once we are refinished with your beloved watercraft, you will find it near impossible to point out where your damages were previously.Read More »
RIB Solution provides all the necessary services to help maintain your boat engine/s in tip top condition. Your pride and joy is in safe hands.Read More »
RIB Management
RIB SOLUTION is a family-owned full service RIB brokerage company that offers a variety of marine services. We cover all aspects of owning, buying, selling, maintainingRead More »
Electrical Assistance
Electrical repair and components on vessels is an often overlooked but very important category, a lot of the things that keep us safe and comfortable on the water.Read More »
It’s one of our top requests and something we do excellently, boat painting in many ways is your watercraft’s first defense and protective shield against the forcesRead More »


The founders of the project


Antonio Scognamillo


Antonio is a dynamic and passionate nautical expert which  his  strengths are in boat brokerage and consulting.

His business acumen is focused in providing a great costumer service experience.

His abilities in scheduling and delivery job tasks are quite relevant and this make really the difference for him in his business.

Antonio. since child was passionate for the sea and for the boat world, his dream is certainly to continue to expand and manage a large boat boat fleet and provide a a boat stress-free experience for his customers.




Salvatore Scognamillo


Salvatore is the all over technical expert of the team.

He really can fix anything on a boat, his extensive expertise in boat engineering are an asset for the RIB SOLUTION team.

In past he managed a large buoy mooring field , many marinas and dry docks.

His willfulness in fixing  problems that seems  hard, is an asset for his business; with Salvatore as head of the technical area we can really say to provide any kind of service and delivery the best and detailed job tasks for any of our customer.


is a plug-and-play communications standard used for connecting marine sensors and display units within ships and boats. Communication runs at 250 kilobits-per-second and allows any sensor to talk to any display unit or other device compatible with NMEA 2000 protocols.
Pioneers of high power outboard marine engines since 2010. Seven Marine is at the forefront of technology innovations in the outboard industry and powered entrepreneurs around the world, from Florida to the farthest reaches of the world.
The MX-11 is a point of reference for large-sized Maxi RIBs with its elegant lines