Electrical Assistance

Electrical repair and components on vessels is an often overlooked but very important category, a lot of the things that keep us safe and comfortable on the water are thanks to the well designed electrical systems on each boat.

It can also be a somewhat complicated or overwhelming task to fix or alter if necessary. Sometimes a seemingly large problem can be rooted in a simple wiring tweak, in which finding it can be the hardest part.

At RIB SOLUTION we offer electrical troubleshooting services and will happily discuss your issues to get to the root cause, to help you understand fully what is going on before undergoing any project, and in some instances advise on findings if you wish to tackle smaller issues in a more efficient manner.

At our boat shop we utilize cutting edge computer diagnostics and we work with many key brands including Mercury, Raymarine, Garmin, and many others, to evaluate and solve your problems quickly whether they be marine engine diagnostics or digital display systems.

Boat generators is another category that we frequently get requests to work on. They are important as they provide electricity that runs all accessory systems while anchored of shore as well as when the engines are down, and are specifically designed to withstand moister and moderate corrosion. The first thing to understand here is whether your vessel is specifically run off a generator or an inverter. Generators are typically used on RIB boats over 28 feet and when your power usage needs are greater or longer. Whereas inverters simply alter the boat’s DC battery current into AC power to be used for various accessories, and are not intended to be used for large power needs like that drawn from air conditioning, as apposed to microwaves or something similar. Inverters should typically be ran within the 1k to 3k watt load.

For all questions that come along with sorting out the best way to provide generator power to your vessel like understanding its running rpm, your estimated load, fuel source and storage, cooling, hydraulic or engine drive systems, or perhaps interest in sound enclosures, give us a call and we can walk through all the options in detail.

If your interest is not in solving a particular issues but more in the options of upgraded systems, appliances, and accessories, our knowledgeable staff can readily help in advising your choices per specific vessel or need as well as with the entire installation process.

There is an abundance of great options you can explore, from audio speakers and lighting throughout the deck, to kitchen enhancements of grills, washers, and coolers, or console interfaces and instrumentation.

Our crew has dealt with many of these additions of the years and can easily assist in outfitting whatever aftermarket pieces you can find.

Contact us today and our friendly staff will assist in any and all electrical needs that you may have!

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