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It’s one of our top requests and something we do excellently, boat painting in many ways is your watercraft’s first defense and protective shield against the forces of nature. But it can also be the little touch that gives your ship its personality, beauty, and often one of the things that makes it unmistakably yours.

At our shop we are happy to passionately serve you with either. One of the mot important areas to watch for paint wear is on the hull, as it takes the brunt of all the forces. Our team excels at all practices including old and worn paint removal, sanding, smoothing, and applying many types of finishes and grades of regular and anti-fouling paint over various materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and wood.

If you wish to have a professional provide a monthly monitor of your boat’s bottom paint condition you can call us about our recurring care packages and see other protective options as well. Along with the lower half, we also do an immaculate job with topside and deck paint which can even allow for the addition of great features like non-skid and tough coat layers.

Custom boat painting is an exciting option that can quickly dress up an older boat or ensure your ownership of a world’s one of a kind yacht. Call us up and we can talk through the possibilities and examples of past work.

For any and all boat painting needs RIB SOLUTION is the most cost friendly company in the market, and we would love the opportunity to work with you!

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