Mx 11 Coupe

December 1, 2015
Posted by: Antonio

The MX-11 is a point of reference for large-sized Maxi RIBs with its elegant lines

We already knew that the Magazzù MX-11 Coupé was a beautiful and elegant boat, a glance is enough to realize that. But that she was also able sail under any sea conditions was something we had to test.

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One of the reasons is that the hull “steps” which cut across the hull line are deep is because their function is to support the hull when the boat is on plane, detecting water from the hull surface and letting air come in. This principle results into the creation of some air cushions that make the impact with the hull signifcantly softer.
The “steps” of the MX-11 are deep and specially designed to maximize this effect and we are appreciating their efficiency.