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RIB SOLUTION provides all the necessary services to help maintain your boat engine/s in tip top condition. Your pride and joy is in safe hands, leaving all the technical stuff to us, means you can enjoy your time afloat, relax and unwind.

The powerhouse of your boat constitutes a large part of what makes it work, and we know there are plenty of other ongoing maintenance items involved in boat ownership, so let us handle this one, whether it’s just a routine tune up and oil change or an emergency service situation, we have got you covered! Our boat mechanics are trained in all categories from the larger yacht division, to smaller yacht tenders, as well as in all the marine propulsion systems that those may include.

You can trust us confidently with all inboard engines from one cylinder to v12 motors, whether it’s for a small pleasure boat or a high performance racing engine, we can assist in all maintenance and fine tuning to keep it purring at all times. The same can be said for outboard engines from 2 to 4 cylinders all the way up to 627 horsepower.

Jet boats/tenders is another predominate category that we service. Jet driven vessels have a lot of advantages such as less risk of damage in rocky environments and an unrestricted limit to their size and power as found with other systems, but for this design you often give up fuel efficiency, and performance is highly effected by the conditions of the water and any debris found in it.

Specific issues that often require servicing usually involve disruption of the intake or nozzle at the stern. If you operate a stern drive, essentially an outboard propeller with an inboard engine, we would be happy to maintain or repair that as well and evaluate or tune at all recommended manufacturer intervals.

If you have a larger RIB you may also need to consider thrusters. Fixing, cleaning, and properly preventing fouling and emergence on all tunnel thrusters, bow thrusters, and water jet thrusters is extremely important and something we would be glad to help you out with.

Perhaps you are considering alterations or installations, if this is the case there are a couple things that are important to remember. You should be very careful of overpowering as tempting as that may be, as it has the potential to over accelerate the transom past the front of the boat inducing massive amounts of strain on the hull, while on the other hand under powering will not produce enough momentum to get the boat up and on plane causing it to not operate with the effectiveness or efficiency it was designed to.

At RIB SOLUTION we fully understand what an inconvenience it can be when your motor is not working and you have to haul out your boat and trailer it to a boat yard to have it worked on, which is the exact reason we pride ourselves on having a state of the art mobile marine mechanic group with unparalleled knowledge and craft that can readily provide engine service including pick up and delivery.

The performance tuning is the art of gaining any crafts maximum potential speed and efficiency. At RIB SOLUTION we can guide you also in the correct propeller selection, in the re-distribution of weight for your engine, the prop testing and tuning and with the carb balancing and fuel/air mixture

Our engineers are able to install, service, repair and rebuild any make of marine engine. Below some of the services that we provide.

  • Engine servicing
  • Full engine and drive rebuilds
  • Engine maintenance
  • Engine repairs
  • Installation of new & reconditioned engines and drives
  • Engine alignment
  • Fuel testing
  • Engine report

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