RIB Management

RIB SOLUTION is a family-owned full service RIB brokerage company that offers a variety of marine services. We cover all aspects of owning, buying, selling, maintaining, and managing your vessel.

Our goals, beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work we do every day on behalf of our clients. But we feel we are strongest at helping and educating people through the process of buying and selling a RIB boat.

We know that the operational costs to maintain a boat could be in some cases expensive like pay for a Mooring, the winter storage, the services…therefore we offer to our clients to amortize these expenses chartering their boat when they don’t use it, with this system, boat owner will totally be stress free as we will manage all their boat aspects for them.

As our expertise rotate at 365 degree towards the boat maintenance processes, your vessel will be totally safe and in good shape with us.

As we recognize that boat owners most often choose to use their vessel for no more than a month in a year, we also encourage people in multi-property boat purchase, where set calendars could be shared among the owners and us and where you know that you will have your guaranteed and relaxed sea holiday.

We take care of all the bureaucratic part of your vessel: like the registration, obtaining of certificates, the insurance policy and eventual claim management, mooring and safety equipment needed in order to satisfy the local maritime regulations.

We believe that for you the RIB should be the most enjoyable and smart thing that you own so you really don’t need to worry about nothing with us.

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