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Since it came on the market, Stratos 12, made by Milanese Shipyards SACS, has been for years the benchmark for its category. Characterized by a refined, elegant and simple appearance, power and control have always been the strengths of Stratos 12. A power testified by the second place in the Endurance World Championship. All these elements without ever be affected in terms of safety. Even with high speed navigation, the hull actually cuts across the waves in an excellent way and the tubular remain constantly in contact with water, ensuring good stability. Also good is the agility, with the boat immediately following the maneuvers set by the helm.
Not only power and control, Stratos 12 is also and above all comfort. Comfort in its driving, thanks to ergonomic backrests that improve both the comfort and the safety of the driver at high speed (with a strongly athletic hallmark, Stratos 12 is piloted while standing), and comfort in its use, with two large sun deck areas. In the bow sun deck, the floor is much lower than usual, allowing the air chambers to act as a bulwark and thus to improve the protection of passengers, especially in navigation. The aft deck can be used in motion thanks to the handrail that surrounds it, and that holds passengers firmly.
Stratos 12 has finally also an open space cabin with a v-shaped bed in the bow.