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  • info@ribsolution.com
  • Ibiza / Spain and Naples / South of Italy
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Almost always, the first thing you think of when you think boat trouble is fiberglass trouble. There is not many other problems you can have on your vessel that can cause as much anxiety or be so disheartening.

These damages can come from an innumerable amount of experiences from bottoming out on rocky surfaces, to something more simple like trailer rash. That is why we are here to reassure you that in fact, one of the best features that fiberglass has to offer is its easiness of repair.

With the right tools and know how, we can make your daunting hole in the hull undefinable from the rest of the body in little time. Fiberglass is made up simply from layers of glass fabric that is coated through with an epoxy resin, when the application is correct the final resurfaced area will be as durable as the rest of the boat. Our marine fiberglass experts are practiced in everything from larger area yacht hull restoration down to smaller boats even including jet ski reformation.

Services are available for all issues including patches for a large or small hole in the hull, cracks in the finish, or other damages on boat’s gel-coat.

Even if you simply want to call us up for some advise on your particular situation and handle the job on your own with a kit, we don’t doubt your ability, but do feel the need to warn all that nothing will increase a fiberglass repair cost more than doing it slightly wrong, especially as water intrusion is one of the last things we would wish upon anyone.

The method that we will use to refinish your damaged section will be to first assess how far the damage actually spreads as some effected de-laminated areas may not be easily visible, but can partly be identified by other factors like sound. Once determined we will cut away all the damaged area and begin prepping the surfaces.

It is always best to work from the inside of the vessel as it allows for a cleaner external look and will match the same initial construction method of the rest of the boat, however we understand that it may be for any number of specific reasons necessary to work on a hull from the outside, and are readily equipped to handle these jobs as well. Next will be to de-wax and grind all edges for a clean and structural bond, followed by creating a mask and mold to prevent run off and keep the work area contained. Then we will work on the application of the cloth, resin, and bonding catalyst, laying everything up with a perfect gel-coat match. Finalization will include sanding, polishing, and finishing the effected area.

We guarantee that once we are refinished with your beloved watercraft, you will find it near impossible to point out where your damages were previously. Give us a call and see first hand why RIB SOLUTION is the most prestigious and cost effective marine fiberglass repair shop in all of the Balearic Islands and south of Italy.

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