RIB SOLUTION was born from an idea developed for a smart way to see the nautical aspect.

Co-founders Antonio and Salvatore Scognamillo (father and son) created together this brand as they always were concerned about the expensive investments that are made from the boat owners for having a boat. they are boat owners as well so was easy for them understand this need that became an exigency for their case. They selected a category (the RIB boats) that seemed the most versatile and convenient idea for owning a boat

why rib boats?

because the RIB can be refitted in a less expensive way then the other typo of boat, if we just think that is possible to totally substitute the old inflatable tube with a new one and you already re-evaluate your investment of more than tbe 50% percent.

because on the RIB the mechanical side is easier, as the engines are istalled on board in a easier way respect other boat categories, the accesses to the engine rooms are easier so this allow you to save money when you need to do any mechanical intervention to the enfines of your boat.

because the cost of trasportation in a dry dock or storage are less expensive respect other catergory of boats, becsue you can disinflante the tubes and tight up the width of the RIB, less width, more space for storing and less monehy for the trailer trasportation.

because if your own a yacht you need an auxiliary tender for this and the tib is the most practical means of trasportation to go ashore and to get close to your boat without damaging it.

because the RIB has a better stability and cruise settings respect the othet categories.


and many more things that we are excited to comment with you...

who we are?

we are a professional team that caan operate at 360 degree arount the boat management. In our team we have technologically savvy mechanics, creative designers, talented upholsterers and carpenters, meticulous electricians and sales experts. You will be totally guaranteed if you stay with us.

What we do?

We can totally manage your RIB, we can find the best solution for you and when we say manage your boat, we say that if there is any problem or implementation to do we can take care of it. When you want go out and use your boat you will always find your boat ready to go!

Where you can find us?

We are based in Ibiza (Spain) and Naples (Italy) but we can fix your RIB in any part of the worlds. So what are you waiting for, make your boat choice and use us as your long-lasting partners.

Togethet to be smarter...

The Founders

salvatore scognamillo

CEO/Director of Operations

Salvatore Scognamillo was born in the nautical industry. He has a solid experience in large marina operations as he managed in his past a marina of over 200 berths and a buoys field of 85 places in the hearth of Naples (South of Italy)

In his past he was the rapresentative dealer for south of Italy for Azimut and he was ship manager of important vessels that did marine researches in the mediterranean sea.

Salvatore knows a lot about mechanic and boat refit as well.

He dedicated himself to buy and sell many boats that he personally refitted as news.

He is a 360 degree talent and an old school guy that really brings an asset to the project.

antonio scognamillo

CFO/Director of Sales

Antonio is a dynamic business person that has gotten his expertise managing hotels, resorts and many recreational worldwide firms. Following his father he got easily adressed to the boats panorama.

His brokerage and sales skills brought him to create an international platform called SPOT A BOAT that today commercialize a tremendous amount of charter vessels around the world.

Antonio has a strong customer service orientation due to the fact that he spent half of his life working and studying american business models and he did important business opening where attention to the details and operational skills should be the main goal for the enterprise success.

Antonio owned his first boat at an early age and he is currently a boats owner with an enormous emphasis to expand his own fleet for charter goals.


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